School Daze part 2 of 2

Middle School This is the middle school I went to grades 6 and 7.This building is now used for commercial use.

To get to Middle school I walked out to the road and turned right and went all the way up the hill and crossed the road. Then I turned left and walked to the next intersection and crossed the road and turned right. Then I continued to the next street and turned left and walked a couple of blocks. I saw the playground first before I saw the brick school. The playground and back of the school was at the top of the hill and the front of the school was at the bottom of the school.

I remember doing air raid drills. I remember my geography teacher who used to lean back in his chair. He would lean on the back two legs. Sometimes he would fall all the way back and he would have to pick himself up off the ground. I remember us kids doing a may pole dance routine. I guess the boy I was paired up with didn’t like me. I noticed him talking to the teacher.  Then when we were going through our routine he hung on to my hand too long so I had to snatch my hand away. This is what he lied to the teacher about. So he got his wish he got another girl to do the dance with. One time I remember getting mad at a couple of girls on the playground and beating them up. So then my mom got a talking to and all of a sudden I was being taught how to be a ‘Lady’.

Grass Lake High School (now the middle school This is the High School I attended for grades 7 through 12 and is now the Middle School grades 5 through 8. The new high school is south of the elementary school.

High School was even further away than the elementary or middle school. Walk out to the road turn right and go to the end of the road and cross it. Then turn right and walk to where the road turned sharply to the left. Then walk past the elementary school to the next major intersection cross that road and then walk all.the.way.down. to the bottom of the hill to the High School. The lockers and places to hang your coat were almost right as soon as you walked into the building.

The first day of Junior High I was wondering what happened to the girls in the class because they all of a sudden had makeup etc. I mean come on, these are the same boys we went to school with last year, what’s the big deal. At first it was confusing changing classes every hour but then it became easy to do because you just follow the same kids to the next class room. That worked for Junior High but by the time I got to Senior High I had my class schedule out and followed it until I had it memorized.

Every other friday was horrible because the school paper came out and you had to have a nickel to get it. I didn’t always have a nickel so I couldn’t get the paper that week. Gym class was a caution. Had to get the dark blue gym shorts but you could wear your own white shirt, white tennis shoes and white socks. On Monday I would bring my gym bag with the clean gym clothes and towel for the shower after class. When Friday came the clothes would be stinking and dirty so I would put them in the gym bag to be brought back in on Monday all clean to start all over.

When I got to high school I joined every club that would have me. I tried out for the cheerleading squad but that was the only thing I was not accepted into. I remember my 9th grade english teacher would have us each take a turn to read then after about 5 minutes she would ask another student to read and so on. So the day she asked me to read I thought it would be for 5 minutes just like everyone else but no, I read for the rest of the hour. Afterwards she talked to me and that is how I joined the Forensics Debate team in the serious interpretation segment.

I was on the school paper. This was back when we had ditto machines and that is how we printed the paper. We used sharp styluses to create the headlines. I messed up a headline real bad and noticed that when the paper came out it was a different headline.They had cut out my headline and pasted a new rectangle in and redid the headline.

I went to three proms, my soon to be husband’s senior prom, my junior prom and my senior prom. I made my dresses for each one. Two of them I sewed and one I knitted. Back then it was looked down on if you had to make your own clothes. It was also much less expensive than buying off the rack. The plus to making your own clothes for a prom was that when you walked in you were the only one in the room with that style and material. The other girls oftentimes had the same dress just different sizes and colors.

Driver’s education was held at the high school during summer and we practiced in the parking lot. School dances were held in the lunch room. Study hall took place in the lunch room as well. The library was in the middle of the school. The gymnasium was on the east side of the school.

I didn’t graduate from that high school I had to transfer and graduated from another high school. If I had graduated from that school my senior picture would have listed under my picture all the clubs and other activities I had joined during high school, oh well.

School Daze part 1 of 2

I walked to Kindergarten, Middle School and High School. No matter what school, I walked out the front door and turned right. There was no sidewalk on my street until I was in High School so some kids were not allowed to walk on my street.

GeorgeLongElementaryKindergartenThroughFourthGrade This is the George Long Elementary School, Kindergarten through Fourth grade when I attended and is still the Elementary school to this day.

To get to the elementary school, I turned right and walked all the way up hill to where my street dead-ended and cross that street, then turn right. The high school FootBall field/Track Field was right there as soon as I crossed the street. I would walk to the edge of the field and then I had to turn left because the street made a sharp left. I continued walking with the field to my left. Then I passed several houses and got to the school crossing and turned right to wait the Safety Patrol signal for OK to cross to the Elementary School. In the beginning I was too young to be a Safety Patrol person but I did finally get to be a Safety Patrol person.

I don’t remember Kindergarten or First Grade. I do remember sitting in the first grade class room taking an IQ test with Bill H and John W. I even remember one question. This question had pictures and one word to use to choose one picture. The word was ‘Spectacles’ and there were four pictures to choose from. One picture of course had a pair of glasses.

Second grade was not fun. I had to take it twice because the first year I was out most of the year with Scarlet Fever. My second grade teacher was not a nice person. She called me a name and used it often if I did not answer her immediately or correctly. One reason I did not answer her right away was I did not hear her. One ear I could not hear from but I would not know this until I was 16 and got a complete physical to get my first job. I would not answer correctly because she had yelled at me, called me a name and so I was upset and answered incorrectly.

My third grade teacher was completely opposite to my second grade teacher and was so, so nice.  My fourth grade teacher was a nice teacher as well. My fourth grade teacher in the afternoon read from the Laura Ingalls Wilder collection of books. We could listen or we could take a nap if we wanted to.

There was recess and when it rained we used the gymnasium to play games. There was one horrible game we played in the gym. We all would get in a circle. Then the teacher would begin by saying something to the first child in the circle and that child would turn to their right and whisper it in their ear and this would continue around until the last child heard and said what they heard. When the child next to me whispered in my left ear I couldn’t hear it and you couldn’t ask them to repeat so oftentimes I just made something up.

One day coming home I was playing whirly bird and this car hit me. The driver wanted to take me home and wanted me to get in the car. I said no I am not getting in your car and then he asked where I lived. I pointed down the hill to the bottom. I guess he found my house because my mom was frantic by the time I got there. She made me take off my clothes so she could see where he had hit me.

I did not graduate from the high school I was supposed to graduate from

I graduated from an entirely different high school.

It all started when my eldest brother, his wife and his infant son stopped in for a short few weeks visit while on their way to live somewhere else. My brother was in the Air Force so they kept moving him from base to base and over seas as well. I don’t know why my Mom didn’t give them her room because her bedroom was the biggest bedroom in the house. She gave them my room and I slept in my mom’s bedroom the whole time they were visiting. So..that was the first thing I got kicked out of…I got kicked out of my room.

I was busy doing things,  this was my last semester in high school and it seemed like there were lots more things to do in my senior year than any other year. I would come home and dish up something of whatever was ready and heat it and eat it. My sister-in-law who’s first name was the same as mine lit into me one day about my eating. I don’t remember what she said to me but as I was responding to my sister-in-law, my mom came up and got into it as well. My mom did not hear what she said to me but just reacted on what I was saying back to my sister-in-law.

The next thing I knew my mother had grabbed my hair and was pulling, pulling and pulling. It hurt very much and at first I pulled back but that of course did not work, so I quit. I don’t know where my sister-in-law went. The guys heard the ruckus and came in and pulled my mom off me.

My scalp hurt for a couple of weeks and I was brushing huge gobs of hair out of my head for six weeks. I had experienced a hair trauma and I never had to get my hair thinned at the beauty shop ever again.

Someone had the bright idea for me to go to my Dad’s place in the next small town 20 miles away and he would drive me in to school each day. So…I got kicked out of the house. Every day I got up and got ready and Dad drove me to my high school. That did not last long because his car broke down. So I had to transfer in my last couple of months to that town my Dad was living in. So….I got kicked out of my high school.

Earlier in the school year those teachers had gone out on strike so that school was going to graduate later than normal. I had to transfer all my credits and get a new class schedule and take classes that I hadn’t already taken which was hard to do but the school adviser finally figured it out. My locker was outside in a covered walkway and I shared it with someone else. This school was the same school my fiancée had graduated from. It was all different and I did not know any one at that school.

So….I get kicked out of my room, get kicked out of my house and get kicked out of my high school and….I had to graduate in late June instead of early June. All because of my mom and my sister-in-law. So what this meant was that I wasn’t eligible to go to high school reunions that I knew everyone at, but was eligible to go to high school reunions that I didn’t know anyone at.

You won’t believe that I had a permanent a few hours before this photo was taken. This was before the hair trauma and I had very thick hair. If you look close you can see the freckles I used to have. My hair has a natural shine to it.

I almost did not get married

The day started just like any wedding day. Last minute preparations. Go do this, go do that and so on. My Dad and I left his apartment and were walking to where his car was when he said quick, hide.

So, I found a place to hide. I hid in a storefront doorway that was recessed. Dad waved to my soon to be husband as he drove by. My Dad had seen him coming and he didn’t want him to see me because that is ‘bad luck’ for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. My Dad took me to where everybody was getting dressed, the lady that made all our dresses. That way she could make any last-minute alterations.

I had purchased a magazine for brides and the magazine had a list of things to do before you got married. It gave a time line. Six months before and a list of things to do; three months before and a list, two months before and so on. I followed this list and did everything on time so nothing was out of order and nothing was late.

Picture Hats and Flower Baskets were all the rage that year, so that is what my bridesmaids wore. I changed to Catholicism so that my fiancée and I could go all the way to the altar, and I took lessons from the priest that married us. My maid of honor was my soon to be sister-in-law because none of my friends were Catholic. The best man was my fiancée’s oldest brother.

The bridesmaids dresses were dotted Swiss. The maid of honor’s was yellow and the bridesmaids were mint green. The men wore white sport coats with black pants, white shirts and black bow ties. No hats for the guys.

I had invited a special guest to the wedding. Paul Henry Smith. I met Paul during the summers at the rest home I worked at to earn money for new clothes for school. The first year I worked at the rest home I was in housekeeping all summer. The rest home hired high school girls to work while people went on vacation. Your first day they give you a schedule of where you worked and your days off for the entire summer. So if someone took two weeks vacation, you worked on that ward for the two weeks. Then you moved somewhere else and worked for a few weeks.

My first assignment was getting Paul dressed and out of bed and then the rest of the day mopping and cleaning and so on. Paul had Cerebral Palsy so he had to have help to do things. I almost dropped him a couple of times moving him from the bed to his electric wheel chair. Paul was really nice and didn’t get mad or anything or complain. The rest home kept Paul busy. He took supplies and equipment to the different wards. He also did the mail. Every now and then Paul would wheel up to me and tell me they needed me to go do something.

Just before I got this job I had to get a physical. That is when I found out that I was deaf in my left ear. So when Paul came up to me and started talking to me to tell me what needed to be done, it was hard for me to understand him. He did not speak clear because of the Cerebral Palsy and I couldn’t hear because I only had the one good ear. He got frustrated trying to get me to understand and that is when I told him it was my fault because I only had one ear.

 Paul gave me this pin my last summer working at the rest home. When he gave it to me I told him no I didn’t want to take his pin and he pointed to the new pin he had. It was silver with his name cut in the stainless. Paul and I had developed a friendship and that is why I had invited him to my wedding.

 Here is Paul at the wedding.

Pretty soon it was show time. The bridesmaids and I got to the church first and we were waiting in a room to the right of the front doors to the church. So my Dad, the gals and me were all in the room waiting for our cue to start down the aisle. We were waiting and waiting and it got way past time for our cue. Someone had come in and said that my Mom had not arrived at the church yet.

All of a sudden my cousin David comes running in to the room we were in. He said my Mom had been in a car accident and that is why she was late, then he ran out again. I started getting upset and suddenly I wanted to go to where my Mom was and I did not want to get married any more. The bridesmaids were all talking amongst themselves and they did not see that I was upset. Dad saw me getting upset and he and the Bridesmaids calmed me down. My cousin David should have at least told me my Mom was OK then I wouldn’t have gotten so upset.

From the left Sarah Fisher, Sue Freeland, Patricia Schnaidt, Helen Hubbard, Dan Schnaidt, Mike Schnaidt, Ben Bower, Ben’s Dad. Two years later Sue and Ben would be married. Dan had wanted a friend of his to be one of the groomsman but his friend couldn’t make it so Ben’s Dad stepped up to help.

 The color scheme if you haven’t guessed by now was green, yellow and white.

 The non cropped picture of Paul. My twin is to the far left.

 The lady in the striped top and white pleated skirt is Dan’s paternal grandmother. My sister-in-law is trying to stay out of the photo and help me at the same time.

 The boy waving is my youngest brother-in-law. The lady on the right behind the other young boy, who is her son is the gal that made all the dresses for the wedding.

So…that is why I almost didn’t get married, my Mom had been in a car accident and my cousin neglected to tell me she was OK. My youngest brother that was driving, missed the entire wedding. The accident occurred right in front of the church while my brother was turning left to go into the church drive.

The sliding door was open and I didn’t want the kitty cat to go in the house

I was on a break from work and I only had about 4 minutes to get back and log in. I was loading the laundry in the washer and had left the door open. It was early and the bugs were not out flying around yet, so I thought I was safe leaving the sliding door open while I loaded the clothes into the washer. Well, I was wrong.

I felt the kitty rub up against me, you know how they do if they want you to scratch their back for them. Then the kitty cat went over to the door and I thought, no! don’t go in, I don’t have enough time right now to chase you down and get back on the phone in time. I have seen this kitty a few times and I have said hello to the kitty but you know how kitty cats are, they just ignore you.

When I was done putting the clothes in the washer, I walked towards the sliding door and the sniffing kitty. The noise I made scared the kitty and the kitty took off. I was safe for now. I would be able to go right back to work and not worry about trying to catch a strange cat and put it outside.

I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I felt something down by my left foot, so I reached down and scratched it but it turned out to be what I thought was a mini lizard. I see mini lizards sunning themselves on the fence when I go to get the mail. they move very quickly and disappear very soon. I went back to sleep and I dreamed of mini lizards and turtles.

When I started work the next day my pant leg felt funny but I didn’t think anything of it. Later when I was working I felt something on my knee. I reached down and thought I got what was crawling and threw it off. Later I felt something in the back of my pant leg. This time I was on a call so I tried to find it without missing a beat. I did find it and I crushed it.

It was on the inside of the pant leg so it was easy to crush without the worry of getting bit or stung. The next time I could log off I did and took my pants off. I looked on the inside of that pant leg and found a dead beetle. This is what I had found earlier that same morning when I had gone to the bathroom and thought was a mini lizard.

Every time I leave the draft dodger away from the front door some small creatures find their way into my house. I have to try to remember to check before I go to bed to see if the draft dodger is snug up against the door.

The neighbors are moving. They don’t like the neighborhood because the kids can’t ride their bikes up and down the street. So now I have to put up with new neighbors. Sigh. Just when I got used to the fact that I didn’t have to make adjustments for extremely noisy neighbors. They don’t believe me that they are the best neighbors I have had. I did see some suspicious behavior when they first moved in and I saw some suspicious behavior just before they moved out. I wonder what TJMax is going to bring me for new neighbors?

Some creature had dug a hole in the driveway

I could see fresh dirt around the hole. Every day going out to the mailbox I made sure I kept away from the hole. Was it a scorpion, was it a snake, was it a spider? What could it be? After a few days I did not see any fresh dirt. I stayed away from the hole though, to be sure. One day a car ran over the hole. Then a day or two later there was a scrap of paper in the hole. Finally, it rained and as cars drove over the hole, it disappeared. So…now I can go out to the mail box and I don’t have to worry about some creature coming out and surprising me.

I was flossing my teeth and a tooth that was cracked split apart. I started looking at inexpensive dental insurance. My AARP membership gave me a quote for $38 per month. I got a lead from a co-worker about Encore Dental. So I went online right away and got a quote. I got a quote for less than AARP for $31.50 per month. I choose to pay more right away per month so I could get serious dental work done right away. I got my Encore Dental card in the mail along with the dental plan. I like my new dentist, she is really nice and so are the people who work there. My tooth is now fixed and it was almost painless, even though it was a root canal.

I took a shower and there was no hot water. Right now you can still have a cold shower as the temperatures have not dropped far enough to make a difference. I cleaned up the house and called the landlord. The landlord said he was coming that afternoon or maybe a bit later in the early evening. I was worried because the neighbors had a lot of debris scattered around the yard. I was going to tell them the landlord was coming. I went out to get the mail and lo and behold, the neighbors had done one of their outside cleaning up the yard bits, so I didn’t have to tell them the landlord was coming.

My fan died. It got to be monsoon season, so I needed something more to get a breeze going. It worked well until the fan died. So I went shopping for a new fan. I got a heavy-duty fan and it has a very long stand. I was using it and smelled the same thing I smelled just before the other fan died, so I turned it off. That was a few weeks ago and now the temps have dropped so I don’t need to run the swamp cooler all day and night and don’t need a fan. I personally think there is something wrong with the wiring in this apartment and it won’t allow too much electricity to be going through the wires.

There is a Beetle burial ground out by my trash containers. I did see a dead beetle this summer. Last summer I did not see a dead beetle and over last winter it was very dry and extremley dry this summer. So dry that you probably saw news reports on TV about the blazes in AZ. The other summers there have been dead beetles by the trash container and the Monsoons have come and no draught. So the summer with no dead beetle was followed by a very dry winter and then the next summer more fires than normal. So this summer I had a dead beetle and will see if there is the usual wet winter. Then I will be able to predict a dry summer with more than the usual number of fires.